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OnePlus Nord to get first OxygenOS 11 open beta next week, OnePlus 7/7T series to follow



It’s been quite a while since OnePlus made the Android 11-powered OxygenOS 11 skin official for its devices. However, only the OnePlus 8 series phones have got the new update so far. Users of the OnePlus 7/7T series and the recent OnePlus Nord were left with no concrete information about the rollout of OxygenOS 11 for their devices. However, a recent official post on the OnePlus forums has confirmed the release date.

As per the post, OnePlus will be releasing the first open beta build for the OnePlus Nord next week. The open beta builds will allow any enthusiast with the OnePlus Nord to try out the new update and report any bugs which can then be ironed out in a stable release. OnePlus also revealed that the first open beta builds for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series would be released “shortly after”. The Chinese smartphone maker has reportedly worked with Qualcomm to fix a data decryption issue that had previously plagued the 7/7T series while updating to OxygenOS 11.

OxygenOS 11: All you need to know

With OxygenOS 11, OnePlus is bringing Android 11 as well as some new features and a revamped UI to its devices. The UI will see bigger titles on the top and more concentration of elements towards the bottom, similar to Samsung’s One UI. OnePlus claims this allows for an easier one-hand usage experience. This design language will be carried throughout OnePlus’ system apps.

The phones will also be getting Always-On Display (AOD), which will allow users to keep their screens on and display important information like the time, weather and more. A new insight AOD screen will also keep users informed of how frequently they unlock and use their phones.

What about the OnePlus 6/6T series and the Nord N10 and N10/100 phones?

The OxygenOS 11 skin will also be coming to the OnePlus 6/6T series and the budget-oriented Nord 10 5G/100 phones. However, OnePlus has no exact dates for these devices as of now. Further, it remains to be seen if all features like the Always On Display are carried over to the budget Nord series phones. It also seems that this is where the major updates end for the older OnePlus 5/5T series phones.

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