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You will cry after knowing that this girl’s story of becoming an IAS



Today we are going to tell you a story that will tear tears in your eyes after listening. This is the story of Sakshi Garg. Sakshi became an IAS in 2018. The story of Sakshi becoming an IAS is no less than an inspiration story. He has told that she was very interested in reading since childhood. He had completed his graduation from Robertsganj, the biggest thing is that he gave an examination in Hindi and after that he surprised everyone by topping it. Sakshi brightened her school name by scoring 76 percent in high school and 81.4 percentage points in inter.

IAS’s dream was made only after inter:

After completing her Inter examination, she completed her BA degree from the Government Women’s College. I had secured 81 percent marks. Due to lack of proper means for the competitive examinations in Robertsganj, he waited till graduation for the preparation of UPSC.

Realizing father’s dream:

After completing her graduation, Sakshi decided to go to Delhi for UPSC preparations. He told his father about his dream that he had to prepare for UPSC and read and become an IAS officer. In which his father supported him a lot.

Sakshi’s father wanted to be himself IAS:

Sakshi’s father Krishna Kumar Garg is a businessman and his mother Renu Garg is a domestic woman. Sakshi said that her father himself wanted to become an IAS officer but due to some compulsions he could not fulfill his dream. This is why he got support not only mentally but also every step. Due to which Sakshi could fulfill her father and her dream of becoming an IS.

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