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The man sleeping on the train suddenly pulled the chain, on asking that there was a crack on the road ahead.



Hello friends, today we will talk about Bharatratna Dr. Visvesvaraya, friends Dr. Visvesvaraya did such a thing in his sleep, about which the knowledgeable people were surprised. Many people even called him a man of foreboding. Friends, Dr. Visvesvaraya was born on 15 September 1861 in Karnataka, India. His father’s name was Srinivasa Shastri and mother’s name was Venkat Lakshmi. Dr. Visvesvaraya’s father died at the age of just 15. Dr. Visvesvaraya was a famous engineer, politician and diwan of Mysore of India.

Friends, very few people may know that September 15 is celebrated as Engineer Day in memory of Dr. Visvesvaraya. A sentence in the life of Dr. Visvesvaraya is very famous. Let us tell you today what that story was because of which Dr. Vishveshwaraya became even more famous.


Once upon a time it was night time, there was a lot of silence everywhere. In such a situation, a train was going from one station to another. A lot of people were boarding that train and because the night was over, most of the people have slept. At that time there was a man who was sleeping with a head on the window, suddenly the man woke up and stood in his seat. The train is pulled up As the train pulled the chain slowly stopped. After the train stopped, the train staff came to the box to find out who pulled the chain and why?

Some people felt that this man pulled the chain in his sleep, so some people started getting angry because his journey was getting late. The next moment all the people surrounded the man and started asking him why did you pull the chain. But the man did not mind the things of the people and said that he suspected that there is something wrong with the railway track, that is, the railing is broken. If I do not pull the train, the train would have crashed due to that broken track and all People’s life could have been threatened.


Everyone wondered how this man in his sleep got to know that the front slab was broken. Everyone asked him how did you know that the slab is broken, are you lying or making things up? Then the person said that I am not telling any lie, if you want to go and see the tracks, they will be broken. Then the railway employees did the same and went out to check the tracks in the dark of night with a flashlight.

After going some distance, it was found that there was really a crack in the track, at that time all the employees were surprised because if the train went through that cracked track then a big train accident happens, all the people came back to the person who pulled the train chain He asked that person, how did you know that there is a crack in the tracks, do you have any predictions, do you have any power, then that person said that there is nothing like this, I was sleeping with my head on the windows but my whole The focus was on the sound of the train.


I was listening very carefully to the sound of the train that suddenly the voice between the train and the tracks changed, then I realized that something was wrong. The person who saved Tran from such a big accident was none other than the great scientist Dr. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

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