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Recent Pictures Found That Show The Real Tragedy Of The Titanic



The story of the Titanic is widely known across the globe. Even if you haven’t watched the beautiful love story between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, you still understand the gist of what happened aboard the Titanic. The main idea was that a massive boat and an iceberg doesn’t mix and, in the end, the large boat found itself at the bottom of the ocean. There really isn’t much to it on the surface, but once rare images surfaced of the Titanic, the story got a lot more tragic. More than 106 years later, and the real story is now being told.

About the Titanic

Despite the RMS Titanic’s initial advertisements, it really wasn’t one of its kind. However, it was the first super cruise liner and was quickly called the ‘Queen of the Ocean,’ along with holding the reputation of being unsinkable. It was an important vessel in its day and age.

The Battle of Cruisers

J. Bruce Ismay was overseeing chief and White Star Line executive that was under a large amount of strain to transform the voyage line company. The White Star Line was attempting to battle against rival companies in the transoceanic cruiser wars.

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