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Farmers confronted the government in a meeting, announced this out



The Annadata of the country has been agitating on the border of Delhi for a long time. This peasant movement is taking place in full non-violence form. This farmer movement is being led by more than 30 farmers unions. The farmers movement is mainly farmers of Punjab and Haryana. The biggest reason behind this is that more than 80% of the country’s agricultural paddy comes from these two states. Agriculture is an important livelihood of the people of the country. The farmers movement has failed from across the borders of Delhi and all over India. On the other hand, the Kisan Bill is being opposed. What is the plight of the country’s donor. This farmer movement is against the new Agricultural Law Bill brought by the Central Government.

The central government says that this law bill will be beneficial for the farmers and the income of the farmers will be doubled. It is clearly visible from the statements of the central government that this agricultural bill will not be refunded at any cost. This will make the situation worse for the farmers. This law will not get them a fair price for the crop. Farmers agitating that the central government should withdraw this bill. Recently, the 9th round of talks between the government and the farmers Happened which is uninteresting.

After this round of talks, farmers were angry about the tone and they said that the government does not want to remove the situation. If the government wants to do so, then we will leave by writing. Kisano has kept it in his hand before joining the meeting. It was kept on which it was written “Marege hai jitege”. It is being said that the next meeting will be held on January 15. Farmer Balbir Rajewal said that “You are insistent. Apply your secretary, joint secretary.” Servant Shah will answer with some logic. You are the government.

The matter of people may seem less because we are not powerful. If you do not like to deal with this, then why are you wasting time. Please write it down and we will leave. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar from the government, The meeting was attended by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Commerce Minister Som Prakash. Mukhi Baba Lakkha Singh of Dera Nanaksar who is involved as an intermediary. He told Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar that the Central Government will implement this law at the discretion of the states. Leave it. Whoever wants to implement the state does not do what he does not want. He told the media that the whole meeting is complete peace, but we are failing to draw a result.

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