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The outbreak of corona virus epidemic in our country is increasing day by day, in view of which the central government and the state government are starting many other schemes for the citizens, along with this, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan government, Ashok Gehlot ji has directed the students of the state. Decision has been taken in the interest of The Chief Minister of the state has asked many other reserved category colleges of Rajasthan to provide residential assistance to the students away from their homes and living in urban areas. ambedkar dbt voucher scheme 2021 has started. The main purpose of starting this scheme of the Rajasthan government is to provide vouchers to the students, and Ashok Gehlot ji has given Ambedkar DBT to the students of SC, ST, OBC, MBC and EWS category. Voucher scheme has been approved to start, so friends, if you want to apply for Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana 2021, or want to take it, then read our article till the end.

Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana 2021

Chief Minister of Rajasthan Government ambedkar dbt voucher scheme 2021 It has been announced to start the KO and this scheme has been started through the letter of the budget session 2021-22. The Government of Rajasthan will implement Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana 2021 to provide assistance to all those students. To give the benefit of this scheme, the merit of the beneficiaries will be issued, the students who will pass with good numbers, out of all those top 5000 students, the benefit of Ambedkar DBT Voucher Scheme 2021 will be provided. Keeping this Covid-19 pandemic in mind, the state government has decided that in this critical situation the parents of the students have no means of earning money and there should not be any problem in the studies of the students. in view of this ambedkar dbt voucher scheme Under this Rs. 5 to 7 thousand will be provided for residential facility.

ambedkar dbt voucher scheme

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Salient Features of Ambedkar DBT Voucher Scheme

scheme name ambedkar dbt voucher scheme
initiated by rajasthan government
beneficiary state students
application procedure Online
Objective Under this 5 to 7 thousand rupees will be provided for residential facility.
Category Rajasthan Government Schemes
official website ———

ambedkar D NS Tea voucher Plan NS Purpose

The main objective of starting Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana 2021 is that the Rajasthan government has started to provide residential facilities to the students away from their homes in the colleges of the reserved categories of the state to live in urban areas. Through this scheme 5000 to 7000 students will be provided by the government every month for residential facility, and at the same time the state government will provide residential facility and vouchers to the students. if you ambedkar dbt voucher scheme If you want to know more details about it then you have to visit its official website.

Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana 2021 NS the profit

  • by Rajasthan government ambedkar dbt voucher scheme Through this, the benefit will be given to all the students of the state who will pass with 70% and want to pursue graduation or post-graduation.
  • Through this scheme, people from economically weaker sections due to corona epidemic will be given assistance to complete their children’s studies.
  • Under this scheme, students studying outside will get financial assistance for residential arrangement.
  • Ambedkar DBT Voucher Yojana Through this, 5000 students will be given 5-7 thousand rupees every student for 10 months.

ambedkar DBT voucher Plan Of eligibility Criteria

  • The benefits of this scheme by the Rajasthan government can only be availed by the reserved category students of the state like- SC, ST, OBC, MBC and EWS category students.
  • ambedkar dbt voucher scheme The benefit of the scheme will be provided to only 5000 students who get good marks through this scheme and only regular students can take the benefit.
  • According to the Government of Rajasthan, students who study in the hostel of any private or government institution, they are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, students studying in graduation and post-graduation, who get 75% marks in the examination, all of them will be benefited.

Doctor. ambedkar dbt voucher 2021 required Document

  • applicant’s aadhar card
  • Attested copy of residence certificate
  • income certificate
  • Attested copy of caste certificate
  • Attested copy of BPL certificate
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

ambedkar DBT voucher Plan 2021 Of for application to do Of Process

  • First of all you need to know about SSO Rajasthan official website will go on. After this the home page will open in front of you.
  • On the home page of the website you will find registration After clicking on the option of Citizen, you have to click on the option of Citizen.
  • Now you have to select one of the options given below, which is Janadhar, Bhamashah, Facebook or Google.
  • After this a new page will open in front of you. Now you have to enter the information asked on this page.
  • Now you have to upload all the important documents and click on Register option.
  • After this you have to login and you have to click on the option of Rajasthan Ambedkar DBT Voucher Scheme.
  • Now the application form will open in front of you, in this form you have to enter all the important information asked like your name, mobile number, email id etc.
  • After this you have to upload all the important documents and you have to click on the submit option.

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