How to register Covid Vaccine easily

To prevent corona infection Vaccination of the Covid Vaccine The process has been started rapidly in all the countries and in our country of India also, Covaccine and Kovid Shield Vaccine have been approved, due to which there is an atmosphere of happiness and relief in the country.

In India, the Covid Vaccine is being implemented free of cost by the government at a rapid pace across the country and according to a research, the Indian vaccine is completely safe, which is like a boon in the corona epidemic because corona deaths can be prevented after corona vaccination. There are two types of Covid Vaccine vaccines –
– covidshield
– co-vaccine

Covid Vaccine Registration Kaise karen Hindi

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Both the vaccines are Indian which can be trusted and this vaccine is safe for adults, both of these two doses are given and there is a fixed interval between one dose to the other, such as the second dose of co-vaccine after 28 days. is applied after the interval.

While the second dose of Kovidshield is applied with an interval of 84 days, the corona epidemic has been more dangerous for those above 45 years, so the government decided to first give vaccination to those above 45 years of age.

After this, it was planned to apply Covid Vaccine to people above the age of 18, because due to high antibodies in the youth above the age of 18, the government ensured that people above 45 years of age are given the vaccine first.

That’s why the government started registration through online Covid Vaccine Registration and everywhere in government hospitals who have Android phones. He can do online Covid Vaccine Registration But those who do not have an Android phone, they can register in the government hospital or where the vaccination is going to happen.

How to do Covid Vaccine Registration

With the approval of Co-Vaccine and Kovidshield, there was an atmosphere of happiness in the country because even today most of the people are not aware of how to register it, so you can easily do the Covid Vaccine Registration by following the steps mentioned below. .

step 1 Before registering, you will have to download the Cowin or Arogya Setu app from the Play Store because you can register only after downing Covin or Arogya Setu.

Step-2 The process of doing Covid Vaccine Registration is very simple, if you register through the Cowin website, then first you have to go to where you have to click on Register Yourself.

Step-3 If you want to register by going to the Arogya Setu app, then on opening the Arogya Setu app, you will see an icon called cowin and click on the covin icon, then you have to click on login or registration.

Step-4 The further method of both the apps is the same, so we are telling you the methods of both the apps simultaneously, now you have to click on Verification OTP in the app.

Step-5 After this, you have to write the mobile number i.e. your own mobile number, on writing the mobile number, you will get an OTP on that number, enter that OTP.

Step-6 After entering the OTP, your registration page will open, on which you have to fill all the information, if you have any disease, then you will have to fill that information and tell what disease you have, as well as upload some papers of the disease in the form of an image so that your Keeping the disease in mind, you will be vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine.

Step-7 If you are not sick, then tick No there and while registering you can register not only yourself but also with you and four family members or your relatives or friends together.

Step-8 After the appointment, you have to click on the calendar, for this, on clicking on a blue calendar icon, you will be asked for ID proof while registering. While registering, what do you tick or what proof you give in the ID proof, you will get the list of ID proof below, keeping that list in mind, click on it.

Step-9 As ID you ask for Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Pension Passbook, NPR Smart Card, Voter ID, Unique Disability ID, Ration Card with Photo.

Step-10 Out of this, you have to click on the available ID that you have, if you click on Aadhar card or PAN card, then you will have to write Aadhar card or PAN card number there, then you have to write the name on Aadhar card or PAN card. The correct name is to be written in full.

Step-11 You have to fill your gender i.e. whether you are male or female or other, click on it and then you have to write the year of birth, after writing this you have to click on the submit button.

Step-12 On submission, you will get an individual link with the mobile number (individuals linked with the mobile number).

Step-13 After this you will get a beneficiary number written in red color which is 4 digit this is your registration number which is called secret number which is asked when you go to get the vaccine.

Step-14 Action is to click on an icon next to it.

Step-15 On clicking, a schedule appointment will be written there, you have to tick there thinking that on clicking on that schedule appointment, you have to take Vaccine Paid (Pad) or take it for free.

Step-16 If you are taking free then you have to click on free, if you want to take tree vaccine i.e. by paying money, then you have to tick paid there.

Step-17 After this, where do you have to take the vaccine, that is, the pin code of the place where you want to take it has to be filled in that blank space and after writing the pin code, you have to enter the pin code of the area where you live where you get the vaccine.

Step-18 Then click on the Find vaccination center which will appear in blue color, when you click on the vaccination center, you will see many centers of the vaccination center, now you have to select where we have to take the vaccine.

Step-19 When you will enter the Vaccine Center and Pin Code then you will click on there then you will click on Schedule.

Step-20 When you click on the schedule, the date you get the waxing is written there and the time is written, you have to choose the time and date according to your time, after that you will get your vaccination fix message.

In which the time and date of registration and Covid Vaccine will come by writing the date given at that time you have to go there and vaccinate you, if you do not fix your booking vaccination even after choosing the date and time or the time slot is filled. You will have to try again.

Let us tell you that after having the first vaccine, you will be given a time period to take the second vaccine, which was earlier 28 days, now it has become 84 days and you have to register and go while going to the second vaccine.

If you are not able to register, after the completion of 84 days, you can register and get vaccinated by going directly to the place where the Covid Vaccine Center is located. is to be saved.

On the Kovid portal, you have been told that how you can change the appointment, you can also change the center not only the appointment, for this you have to login to the cowin portal with your registered mobile number.

After this, you can select the new date and center by clicking on the Reschedule option and you can easily change it according to you by clicking on the link of the message received within 48 hours.

The Kovid vaccination certificate comes to you by the government on your email, it is needed by all and common citizens have vaccinated against the Covid Vaccine.

Even if someone has to travel or has to go to work, this vaccination certificate gives them the convenience to go and we can also avoid the disease of this corona infection and we can also reduce the risk due to the spread of this virus. Huh.

Covid Vaccine Vaccine Certificate is required for social activities and international travel, now the use of the certificate has become necessary for us everywhere because we have to show everywhere to go, so quickly register and vaccinate yourself by doing Covid Vaccine Registration. Make Corona free.

side effects of corona vaccine

Indian vaccines are used not only in India but also abroad and according to experts, the war against corona can be fought with these vaccines. Antibodies start to form 14 days after vaccination and after applying the second dose, the risk of corona can be reduced.

According to a research, there may be 2 to 3% side effects and these side effects include allergic reactions, fever and body pain for some time and according to doctors, after high fever after vaccine, paracetamol tablet is taken with medical advice. May go.

For your information, let us tell you that Kovid-19 is a new type of deadly virus, it started from China in the city of Wuhan in the year 2019, which spread to almost the whole world in early 2020 and this virus with symptoms like cold and cold. There was a lot of orgy in the year 2021 as well.

Not only those with weak immunity, but also adults, their infection is rapidly infecting people by taking many new forms, it is such an infection that affects the lungs through the nose or through the air. Which makes people sick.

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