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Will ‘Dayaben’ enter the show in 2021? Tarak Mehta made mission



Tarak Mehta’s Ooltah Chashmah is one of the most popular television shows, which everyone knows and loves to watch. Tarak Mehta says that Daya Bhabhi should return to Gokuldham as soon as possible. On this, Anjali says that this mission of Dayaben’s arrival should be completed by early 2021.

Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses show, although the role of each character is very spectacular, but the character of Jethalal and Dayaben is something else. Actually, Dayaben’s fans have not been watching him on screen for a long time. Disha Bankani, who plays Daya Ben in the show, has not appeared in the show since September 2017. She went on maternity leave at that time. She did not return to the show after that, although she has not left the show yet.

It has been almost 3 years since Tarak Mehta left the show Daya Ben. She has not appeared on the show continuously for 3 years, so her fans are eagerly waiting to see her, so plans are being made to bring her back on the show.

The show features a conversation between Tarak Mehta and Anjali and also mentions Dayaben’s return at the same time. Anjali said that the first day of 2021 was a lot of fun in which Tarak Mehta also agreed. Tarak Mehta says that the bus passes through 2021 peace. So Anjali says that just Popat bhai should get married and Corona vaccine should also be available to everyone. In 2021, these two missions will be successful.

Tarak Mehta says that there are not only two missions but two more. One is to return to Daya Bhabhi Gokuldham in 2021. Saying the second mission, Tarak Mehta says that Tarak Mehta should get rid of diet food. Anjali laughs that it will not be completed in 2021 or even in 2050.

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