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This girl became Hrithik’s sister in Agneepath, she looks great, now looks amazing



We all know Divyanka Tripathi very well, which is a very big and famous name in the TV industry. Almost everyone knows her and most people also like her for this reason because she is not only a good actress but at the same time she is also very beautiful and there is no doubt in this.

If we talk about now, then today we are talking not of Divyanka Tripathi but of her cousin sister who is again making her place in the media and is making it in a very special way. Divyanka Tripathi’s sister’s name is Kanika Tripathi and she has also taken an entry in Bollywood films.

You will remember that Hrithik Roshan had a younger sister in the film Agneepath and that sister is now grown up. You will not believe that after growing up, but more beautiful than Priyanka Chopra has started appearing.

She is often seen sharing her many beautiful pictures etc. on Instagram and in them she has become much better. Kanika Tripathi is now 24 years old

And right now she is planning to do something big like the earlier role in the film industry or else it is not known right now but it is definitely known.

Now that Kanika has become very popular among the people and their photos are also seen much more beautiful on social media and people also share. She has already acquired a large number of her followers.

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