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These are the family of Arun Govil playing the role of Lord Ram, what do son and daughter do



Arun Govil, who plays Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, aired on Doordarshan channel, was in the news for a long time. There was a time when people considered Arun Govil as the image of Lord Rama. Arun Govil’s name was mentioned in every house. Arun Govil also became active on Twitter after the Ramayana rebroadcast and he verified his account himself. During that time, he also shared many information about his family on his Twitter account.

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He had told that he was happy to return again. Along with this, he also responded to the controversy surrounding his award. Along with this, he told that his films which had not gone well in one phase, are now being discussed about his films for a few days. He also spoke about his family members during an interview.

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During this, Arun Govil also told about his marriage. Tell us that Arun Govil was married to actress Srilekha Govil. Arun Govil has a son and a daughter named Amal and Sonika Govil. Arun Govil told during the interview that what his children do right now. During that time he told that my son currently works in a corporate bank in Mumbai and he lives with his two children and wife.

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He also mentioned his daughter. Arun Govil told that my daughter Sonika is very fond of reading. He said that the girl is fond of reading us. She did a master’s from London and then she moved to Boston to master again. He also mentioned this on his Twitter account.

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Tell me, Arun Govil’s daughter is very active on both Instagram and Twitter. He has about 1500 followers on his Instagram account. She also frequently posts posts related to her father on both platforms. The father has also followed him on opening of Papa’s account recently.

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Tell me when the Ramayana was broadcast on Doordarshan once again during the lockdown. During this, Arun Govil interacted with the fans on many issues related to his personal life. Also, he had discussed with his fans about his family.

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