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Sonali Phogat was in love with a man after her husband’s death, but did not marry again due to this



Bigg Boss 14 player and BJP leader Sonali Phogat has shared some things related to her personal life, she told how she had fallen in love with a man.

New Delhi, Jan 13: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sonali Phogat is currently in Bigg Boss 14 as a player inside the house. Sonali was initially a little reserved, but for the last one or two weeks she has become quite comfortable with everyone. Sonali has now shared some things about her personal life, in which she has made a big disclosure. She told that after the death of her husband, she started loving a man.

Rahul Vaidya told pain
Sonali Phogat linked Rahul Vaidya to his personal life I told you She said that after the death of her husband, there was a person in her life, with whom she had decided to spend all her life. He said that it was two years old, when she was completely broken after the death of her husband, she needed someone’s support.

So no relationship
Sonali told that their relationship could not change in marriage. When Rahul asked the reason for the break up of the relationship, Sonali could not say anything on this. Sonali simply said that because of him this relationship could not progress further. Sonali has not even told the name of the person with whom she started loving.

Friend has increased from Ali Goni
Rahul Vaidya in Sonali Phogat’s Bigg Boss house Apart from this, Ali has also become good friends with Goni. She also did a dance with Ali Goni, Sonali Sharma was also dancing with Ali. Seeing both of them dancing in the episode of Bigg Boss, it seemed that Sonali was giving heart to Ali. Sonali Phogat’s close aides in Bigg Boss house feel that Sonali’s feeling is true for Ali. While many are calling it a game plan.

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