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Something like this started on TV’s Ram-Sita aka Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina’s love story, even today, they sprinkle life on each other



Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary are two of TV’s famous stars, tell that Debina and Gurmeet Chaudhary are among those romantic couples of TV in their busy lives, how these two stars give each other time to know, today we know At the same time, the story of these two love stories started.

Debina says that ‘Gurmeet was a friend of my friend’s boyfriend and used to visit our house often with his friend. Then my friend and her boyfriend get busy with their romantic talk and we both fall alone ‘Debina further states that in such a situation they have no other option but to talk to each other and slowly make each other fell in love with.

According to Debina, the fun thing is that both of them broke up and our marriage is the same Gurmeet says that ‘Debina’s arrival brought a good friend in my life, from which I can say my mind’ only to Gurmeet Debina fell in love within a month after which both decided to get married as soon as possible.

Talking about each other, Debina says, “Neither can I walk a step without Gurmeet nor Gurmeet. We take each other’s opinion in every work. In the case of acting too, we see each other’s work as a critique and give unambiguous suggestions. This gives us a chance to improve our work “

Debina says that all the work of her husband Gurmeet is extreme, which she did not like before, but now she sees that her success is not passable without Extreme. She is with him to balance. Gurmeet says that “I put my life in whatever work I do, whether it is acting or day to day work.” I do a good workout, follow a diet, and on the day of laziness, I also do it with great vigor ”

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