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Riya’s family is now forced to wander outside, Riya herself is troubled



If you talk about the last few months, Riya Chakraborty was almost missing from everywhere because media coverage of Sushant case was completely closed in a way and people were not talking too much about that which would be quite There is also a lot of reason because the way its coverage suddenly stopped, the discussion on Riya was also stopped, but this time Riya Chakraborty is in the news once again, but this time she is in the news due to her grief.

And Riya’s grief and suffering is also troubling her family. Actually Riya and her family are now forced to wander outside in search of another house. Right now, media persons have spotted Riya Chakraborty’s father in Khar area for the third time in a row.

According to the reports, he is searching for a house for himself and the people so that he can find a house for himself. He is leaving the last place, it is believed that where he used to live there, there was a gathering of paparazzi and paparazzi and this not only him but also the people around him were shocked. In such a situation, they should be forced to say it or forcefully but they have to leave this place and now they are being shifted to another place.

When people have such things in their lives, on which they do not live, then such decisions have to be taken because even if not taken, you are stuck and stuck on where you are in life. What no one wants

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