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Ranu Mandal, who became famous with his songs, has returned today, in his past time, is spending his life in the old house



Famous for his voice, Ranu Mandal, who had lost a lot of name due to his singing on social media, got his name everywhere from Facebook to YouTube. His video is becoming viral on social media quite rapidly. There was a time when Ranu Mandal did not even have any public nor was she so famous.

As his videos went viral, people slowly started to know his name, but shortly after when a video of him surfaced, he was found to be misbehaving with people, which created a different image in everyone’s mind and slowly it Once again she went into anonymity to tell you that during the lock down, she returned to her old house and left her town house.

People say that Ranu does not have any big work now, not only that, now he has to live a life while avoiding the eyes of the people, his behavior was seen during this time of the lokdovan, when he got the ration to the needy She was seen not sharing even after that, after which she did not get work, after which she has almost returned to her old life.

When she went viral on social media, Ranu Mandal’s name was also selected for a private local TV channel in which Amitabh Bachchan was also going to join, but due to his behavior, his name was removed from all this, if his story If you get to learn one thing, then it is that after success, pride is your enemy.

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