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Rakhi Sawant asked the ailing mother a question, said- will my mother Riteish come to meet me?



Family Week is going on in Bigg Boss House these days. In such a situation this entire week was very emotional. During this time, the people living in the Big Boss house got a chance to meet their housemates. Everyone appeared to be very emotional meeting their family members. Starting with Nikki Tamboli, the family went to Abhinav Shukla, Ali Goni, Jasmine and Ejaz Khan, all highly emotional. After a long time all the family members were very emotional meeting their families.

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All the family members felt very much loved by meeting their close ones. In such a episode, Rakhi Sawant met her mother through a video call on Friday’s episode. Rakhi talked to her mother a lot through video call. During this time she became very emotional.

Rakhi Sawant started crying a lot on seeing her mother in Family Week. When the same Rakhi asked her mother about her health, her mother informed her of her health and told that she is currently hospitalized. Rakhi Sawant became very emotional after hearing about her mother’s condition and started crying.

During this, Rakhi Sawant, while talking to her mother, said that she would fast for him in Bigg Boss house so that his health would be cured at the earliest. He also inquired about her husband Ritesh. Rakhi said, speak to mother Riteish at least once in front of the world.

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Rakhi further says that since last night my heart was beating. I will fast for you mother here… You want me at any cost mother… I am alone. At this Rakhi’s mother consoles her explaining the daughter.

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Rakhi said- Tell mother Ritesh once show your face in front of the world and tell that she is my husband. This video of Rakhi Sawant has been liked by the people. Apart from this, Rahul Vaidya, Sonali Phogat all met their family and all were seen taking the family’s condition in a very emotional manner.

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