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Looking at these 18 pictures, it seems that if the designer had to make something in the name of fashion, he made ‘anything’



Wherever you go, your clothes are your identity and people wear fashionable clothes to stand out from the crowd, new designs keep coming in the market, but sometimes people take some initiative in the name of fashion in which they look different. But they become the subject of jokes and today we are going to show you some pictures in which people have worn anything in the name of fashion.

Thought what and what happened

Heel in foot or Heel in foot

Who wears these things up

You cannot walk with these shoes at all.

Dogs will fall behind

Who loves this much

Are you a fan of Anil Kapoor

Where do you find such shoes?

Don’t call it cute

These sandals close to nature

Sometimes stars also take such things

Do not die as a thief

Do you have to study anatomy too

How to recycle car mats.

It feels wide open after wearing it.

Chhedi Singh’s T-shirt

Slippers or boots

What is the matter

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