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Kareena and Sunny’s designers become dreamy Shinde, Saysha herself, explains the reason for becoming transwoman



Swapnil Shinde, the fashion designer of famous actresses like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Sunny Leone, recently got her sex gender changed. That dreamer Shinde has now become Sayasha Shinde. With a new name and a new face, he has announced this to himself before the world. Swapnil Shinde is 39 years old and has been reborn at this age.

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The career of Swapnil Shinde to Saisha turned fashion designer is very high. He has said many times about his journey that he has traveled a long struggle for it. After declaring himself a transwoman, he posted a very emotional post on Instagram, in which he said that since childhood he has had to endure loneliness, pain and pressure.

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In her Instagram post, she wrote a post on behalf of Saisha, sharing her new picture. During this time, he wrote that during school and college, all the boys were away from me. He always distanced me from myself because I was different… but the pain within me was more than that. I was living a truth that was not mine.

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Saisha told that I used to feel suffocated during that time. A life I had to live every day, in which social expectations and norms had to be fulfilled. That was my early days at NIFT. It was during that time that I got the courage to accept my truth at the stage of 20 years of life. I’m really happy now.

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Saisha Shinde further wrote in her post – I spent a few years of the beginning considering myself gay. Because I was attracted to men, but 6 years ago I came to know about myself that I am not a gay but a transformer. Then I accepted this thinking. Now I want to tell all of you that I am not a transwoman but a gay.

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Saisha Shinde said in the post that not only did she break many of her obstacles with this decision, but she also became an inspiration for other people. People who spend their entire life suffocating due to fear of society and end their own existence. Saisha said that she is associated with the LGBT community and does not feel any hesitation in saying this.

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Saisha told in her story that her team has started calling her for the past one month. It is an honor for him. Saisha Shinde, who is a big name in Bollywood as a fashion designer, is very happy. At the same time, he has congratulated his fashion designer from Sunny Leone to Swapnil and expressed his pride in them.

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