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Kangana indulges in Twitter banter with Swara: ‘We mustn’t forget to have some fun’



On Sunday, Kangana Ranaut tried to take a dig at Swara Bhasker, which eventually led to a light-hearted exchange on Twitter.

The entire conversation kickstarted after a fan compared to the Tanu Wed Manu co-stars pictures, calling Ranaut “class” and Bhasker as “crass”. Both of them were dressed in similar white sarees matched with golden jewellery. Retweeting the same, Kangana asked Swara what was happening, and whether these claims were true. Predicting a dramatic social media fight, another user replied that it was time to sit with popcorn for some entertainment.

Sharing that it was a boring day, Kangana Ranaut tweeted that she wanted to pull Swara Bhasker’s leg, to which the latter replied, “Always happy to help alleviate your boredom Kangana .. you know I love you :).”

Laughing off the turn of events, Kangana shared that given Swara always trolls her, she decided to get even. She tweeted, “Ha ha you troll me all the time today I thought chalo will also do some masti with you, I am glad you took it in the right spirit. Whether we fight, love or tease each other we mustn’t forget to have some fun / some kheecha-taani… lots of love girl see you soon Xxx. ”

This is not the first time the two actors have taken potshots at each other. Earlier this year, when Swara Bhasker mocked Kangana Ranaut for starting the feminism movement with her film Queen, she in turn accused Swara of protecting movie mafias. They had even been at loggerheads over the proceedings of Sushant singh rajput‘s death case. In another instance, Kangana had even termed Swara as a ‘B-grade actor’, while she in return mentioned how a ‘great actor isn’t necessarily also a great human being’.

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