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Elephant did not have legs, humans changed lives by giving artificial legs… Video went viral…!



Some people bother animals that are just stupid for their fun, poor animals are very hurt in the process of this joke, some have to lose their lives, but there are some people in this world who live their lives Taxes in the name of science are progressing rapidly and with the help of this, many animals are being saved.

A viral video has surfaced on social media in which a man is making a fake leg for a handicapped elephant, a leg made for a handicapped elephant has been prepared in many scientific ways and wearing it will find the elephant once again. The man who made the elephant’s feet is seen as a hero on social media and people are also praising his work.

IAS Supriya Sahu has shared this video on her Twitter account and while sharing this video, she writes, “With the help of this prosthetic leg, the disabled elephant is able to walk again … It is like getting a new life. It has proved to be a better contribution for animals. I salute those who do such work wholeheartedly from my side and from all over the country ”

After the prosthetic leg, this elephant is able to walk once again.

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