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Did not give up even after her husband passed away, flying officer made to serve the country while taking care of 1 child



Radha Chadak, a resident of Jammu, has done something that she has illuminated the name of her parents. Let me tell you that Roshan was married to Buta Singh Manhas, who lives in Jammu, but the post of non-commissioned officer CPL in the Buta Airforce. But these two married life was going very well and they also have a son.

Everything was going well, but in the year 2018, Radha’s husband died due to a heart attack, after which all the responsibility of the family came to him, but even after all this, he did not believe at all. He himself and his son He also managed to fulfill his dream of becoming a flying officer.

Everything was not easy for Radha but he explained himself and strengthened his intentions. She has completed her studies with Radha and with that she has also done LLB and she was also practicing in the High Court. She thought that she had left her husband Uniform and she would be seen wearing it.

For this, Radha ji started working hard and got ready, she applied for the Common Entrance Test in the Air Force and then she went to Delhi to pass this entrance and started preparing from it, in the first attempt, she was out of the screening. Done but he applied for the test again and got better results than before.

By the year 2019, he passed SSB and he reached Hyderabad Airforce Academy for its training. After his training, Radha’s posting took place in Chandigarh where he is working as a flying officer. In her interview she tells “It was not easy for her to reach here and if anyone supported her in this difficult time, then it is my father and my father that should be my strength and I have reached this point”

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