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CID’s mercy was once famous for breaking the door, know what are you doing today?



Daya was a very famous actor in the CID show. Daya’s door breaking scene was very popular in the show, because her style of breaking the door in the show is very different. The show has a lot of scenes and dialogue memorabilia out of which there is a scene of breaking the door.

Bollywood actor Dayanand Shetty celebrated his 51st birthday on Friday, December 11, 2020. Dayanand Shetty has appeared in films like Diljale, Johnny Gaddar, Runway and Singham Returns. Dayanand Shetty got more popularity from the show CID, who used to play the character in the show aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

CID is Dayanand Shetty’s first show which started in 1998 and ran till 2005. Dayanand Shetty played a very good character, due to which it is quite popular. Among his many scenes, the scene of breaking the door was also very prominent.

When Dayanand Shetty was asked in an interview how many doors have you broken in the CID show so far, he said that I have no idea as I have not kept any record of it. But it has to be in the Guinness Book. I have been breaking doors since 1998. He said that when I started, I made a sewx in which the gate was closed and I was told to break it.

The scene of Dayanand Shetty breaking the door has gone home in the mind of the people because Freddy has broken the doors too many times but there is no discussion about it. After CId, he has worked in shows like Gutar Goo, Adaalat, CIAF, but after 2019 he has not signed any new projects.

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