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Actress Rajni Chandy made ‘glamorous’ photoshoot at the age of 69, people trolled fiercely



69-year-old actress Rajni Chandy has done a very glamorous photo shoot. Rajni Chandy has been a South Indian actress and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Many photos of his recently conducted photo shoot are becoming quite viral on social media. Not only this, social media users are also constantly criticizing Rajni Chandy about these pictures.

Actually, he shared many pictures of this hot and sexy glamorous photo shoot on his Facebook account. According to the report released by the BBC, this photoshoot was done by Kerala photographer Athira Joy. Photos of this photoshoot of Rajni are constantly getting viral on social media.

Social media users are constantly trolling Rajni Chandy with these pictures. Rajni, who has always been seen in sarees, has been seen in the Weston look for the first time. She is seen in a Western style in a recently done photoshoot. In some pictures she has carried a denim shot outfit, in some she has appeared in denim jeans.

Social media

While looking at Rajni’s pictures, while some people are praising her new look, some people are constantly trolling her. This photoshoot of Rajni Chandy, done at the age of 69, is not liked by many people.

Social media

At the same time, Chandy recently said during a conversation with BBC about her photoshoot that some people called me a slut for taking these pictures, then someone asked me if you have not died yet. So that same user told me that I should sit at home and read the Bible, now you have prayed your age, not to show your body.

It is worth noting that till now there has been no statement or counterattack from actress Rajni Chandy due to continuous trolls by social media users.

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