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6 young men came to a friend’s wedding with pregnant women, told themselves the father of all the children



Today we are going to tell you about a person whose actions will make you go to the square. In a wedding ceremony, a young man arrived with six pregnant women and told that he is the father of all pregnant women. Now where can such things be hidden from social media. On this amazing thing, the photo of the person whose name is Preity Mike went viral on social media.

That Preeti Mike is such a man of vision who is famous as Playboy. Even before this and many times he has proved such a person. She was also arrested in 2017 for making objectionable photographs and videos of women viral.

Preity Mike had arrived at her friend’s wedding, which is named Vincennes Uchenba. This was the wedding in which he had reached 6 pregnant women and was telling himself to be the father of the child of the 6 pregnant women, due to which the bride and groom got more than Mike because everyone got married. More and more interest started coming in his story.

Preity Mike has stated on social media that he is living his best life and this is not an acting trick. Several people wrote on Instagram that they spoiled the wedding of the bride and groom after reaching there. She was the bride and groom all day, yet on that day she reached there and took the whole confessor on her own because only Mike was more in the discussion than the bride and groom.

Please tell that Preity Mike is very active on social media. Playboy Mike is such a celebrity that he often posts pictures and videos of his glamorous Life. Not only this, Preity Mike has over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

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